Chaos in the backpack ?

Which backpack is perfect for me?

If you want to buy a backpack, you are spoilt for choice. The market is huge and there is an enormous choice. Whereas the color selection is rather moderate. Even the experienced hiker, in the event of a new purchase, is faced with the question: Which backpack should I take? For the most part, the setup is always the same. You have the sack and a few small compartments.

Is your backpack a miracle bag?

Who doesn't know. You pack your backpack and think about exactly what you're taking and what you're packing down. Something where you don't have to. But what exactly could that be? Your two or three outdoor compartments are already full of all the little things.
These considerations alone make you crazy in advance. It's carefully layered like a lasagna. Basically, it almost doesn't matter, because it always comes differently than you think. And again and again you have to dig through. The largest room of your backpack is like a big bag.

Where damn again is mine....

Countless times I have scoured my backpack just to get something out quickly. I was sure it was somewhere in the back right. But obviously my backpack has a life of its own and sorts itself again. By itself. At least that's how it feels. You have a compartment at the back and there is something on the side. But let's be honest. Doesn't it also annoy you that you either have to throw out big sacks or stumble into it forever? How many times do it happen to you that you found something from the last time on your next hike, because it just hid in the bag?

This makes it easier

It would be much easier if the backpack could be opened completely. Just like a suitcase - fold up completely once. With enough compartments, everything could be organized much better and you would get to the things you needed quickly. One wonders why no one comes to it. It's actually quite easy.

I have the solution for you

Hikdome™ is the solution. A backpack that makes your life easier. Ergonomic and well padded on the back and shoulder strap are just a few features that make it special. With many compartments and completely open, the chaos in the backpack has ended. You can adjust it to the size of up to 45 liters. A highlight are the many different colors. Stop grey and blue. Look at it and convince yourself of the many features and the quality. You will be envied for this backpack.

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